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Youth Development In Our Community

Millbrook Figure Skating Club

Year End Carnival

April 3rd, 2016 - 1:00 PM

Tickets available at the Door - $5/person

Children under 12 - Free

Fundraising Cheques

Those who helped with fundraising activities by raising more than $50 during the season will receive their refund cheques on Friday April 1st, 2016.  

Norm Lamothe, Treasurer will be at the arena between 5:00-8:00 pm to distribute. 

Thank you everyone for a wonderful season, we look forward to seeing you all back again in the fall. 

Current News

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2015-2016 - Parent Information Handbook

2015-2016 - Private Lesson Information

New - Skate and Equipment Buy/Sell Page Online

Skate Canada "Safe Sport" and "Concussion"

             Policy and Procedures

Year End Carnival - Sunday April 3, 1:00 pm 

                 Our BIG event is rapidly approaching.  Our skaters are eager to 

                 demonstrate the skills they have learned over the past year.  


                 Tickets for the event have been distributed to skaters to sell, or 

                you may also purchase at the door.  

                 We are always looking for volunteers for the event, speak

                 to one of the Coaches if you are interested in assisting.

Regular Skating Dates and Times

                     Tuesday - Starskate - 5:00-6:50

                     Wednesday - Starskate - 5:00-6:50

                     Wednesday - Canskate Stages 4-6 - 7:00-7:50

                     Thursday - Canskate Stages 4-6 - 5:00-5:50

                     Friday - Pre-Canskate Group 1 - 5:00-5:25

                     Friday - Pre-Canskate Group 2 - 5:25-5:50

                     Friday - Canskate Stages 1-3 - 5:00-5:50

                     Friday - Starskate - 6:00-7:50